This website is meant for these 3 types of people (if you are not one of them, don’t bother 😉 )

  • Freedom Seekers (stage 1): they know what they do not want but it’s hard for them to figure out what exactly it is that they want.
    • They believe more money is the answer, that it will alleviate their worries.
    • They also want to have more time, they don’t want to work for someone else or at least they want to do something they love.
    • They read or consume mostly motivational & self-development content. They consume mostly free content and allocate less then 100 dollars per year in continued learnings. At this stage, they accumulate more knowledge than they actually take action. They just want to know it’s possible.
    • Their main goal is: making money doing something they love
    • They feel excitement, but also fear, doubt and they are kinda lost. Their emotional state is a bit like a rollercoaster. They need quick wins to build up confidence.


  • Freedom Builders (stage 2): they know what they want.
    • They have Clarity on their long-term goals and work through their action plans to get there.
    • They know money isn’t the answer to everything, it sure helps but there is more to Freedom. They now are ready to live other aspects of Freedom while growing their business.
    • They read and consume mostly business content and this content starts to affect positively their personal life. Their takeaways from their reading isn’t just focused anymore on improving business and making more money, but their readings also make them reflect and make changes in their life.
    • They consume mainly paid content and invest monthly at least 25 to 50 dollars in their continued learnings or they make a one-time investment in a main training that they have identified would bring them to the next stage.
    • At this stage, they understand the power of books, trainings, and applying knowledge in real life. They take actions.
    • Their main goal is: actually start enjoying the fruits of their labour
    • They are confident in what they do, they perform well and keep learning skills to improve.
    • They are not as excited as in the beginning though…they’re more experienced, they understand that they are in it for the long-run and are not looking for quick wins but rather milestones to keep moving towards their long-term goals. They are emotionally stable and are looking to bring in more excitement and fun in their life.


  • Freedom Masters (stage 3)they share their Freedom
    • They want more than just accomplishing their personal goals. They now have a clear Purpose, Vision Statement. They have noticed that they are inspiring people to find their own Personal Freedom.
    • They have reached a stage where they can feel content. Not necessarily because they’ve done everything they could have (and they did) but because they understand how to appreciate Life and what is truly important. And they feel compelled to share it around them, not by preaching but by opening up, showing true authenticity and vulnerability in business and in their personal life.
    • They are on a Mission. They practice Gratitude and at this point everything they get and receive is a bonus (not a need).
    • They read and consume very specific content related to their Mission. They consumed paid content that are in the upper bracket, they travel for learnings. And every day, a part of their day is dedicated to continued leanings. At this stage, this is just part of who they are. They keep evolving and changing, they don’t even see it as a means to an end. It has become natural.
    • Their main goal is: show others how to access their Freedom
    • They are strong in their ability to impact the world. Before that they were only thinking in terms of a smaller scale (family, friends, clients, etc). Now they feel attracted to a higher calling: impact at a much larger scale.
    • They are not afraid, they are not feeling lost, but they need to put specific things in place so that they can take that leap (which also means getting rid of some things, habits, beliefs, etc.).
    • Emotionally they feel a strong pull towards service to others. They feel centered and capable of navigating in peace through uncertainty.

If you recognize yourself in one of the 3 descriptions above, welcome ! And keep reading 🙂

Now, let’s talk about why I am doing this? 

Why spend hours and hours of my free time into creating and sharing content?
I could just keep reading, applying and improve MY life and share with my loved ones what I am learning along the way.

Why bother about others?

Because I care. 

But is it enough?
Most people do care about others and the world. Caring isn’t enough to spark action though.

To be completely honest, I am doing this because I can. 

As simple as that. I just can share with everyone what I have learned and am still learning during my Journey and how my life has completely transformed in a few years.

Because I have been through both stage 1 and 2 in the span of 5 years (from 2013 to 2018), I know I can share some guidance for the ones of you that are at either one of these stages.

I like to let myself be guided by my Higher Self by answering this question: “What would you regret if you were to die tomorrow?”

I would regret having lived small, thinking that I had nothing of a higher value to offer the world and people around me.
I would regret thinking that I could not contribue to the world changing positively.

I would regret having been selfish, scared of believing in my gifts and getting buried with them.

So yes, I am doing this because I can.

I am doing this, because I have learned priceless invaluable lessons that I need to share with others.

Why would I not help in making the world better if I can? 

And for the ones that are at stage 3, where I am at right now, you already know the value of being connected to like-minded people and sharing / learning from each other 😉

So here it is.

For the ones that are ready to change their life.

For the ones that are willing to change their world and the World.

For the ones that are brave enough to just do it because they can.