As we grow up we tend to treat sleep as a loss of time

Or worse something that we need to cut down on or learn to function without

Most adults are sleep deprived
Some by choice
Others because they developed sleeping issue

So basically we’ve all learned to function under suboptimal conditions!

We got so used to feeling tired that we barely notice how much it affects us negatively.

When we’re tired, our mood fluctuate more

It’s easier to get irritated, cranky, angry and sad

We then use external situations to justify our mood when in fact it’s because we’re exhausted that we feel this way!

When we’re tired, it is as if a fog surrounds your brain

Your thinking will be slower because you can’t speed when there is fog!

And you will come up with few and narrower options and solutions because again you can’t see all that is available around you when you’re in the middle of a fog!

Sleep is even related to things like a healthy body weight, mental health and longevity

My point is that is there is one thing you could do that would change the quality of your life instantly: get MORE SLEEP!


Try a week of getting 8 to 9h of sleep and even a little 30min nap and notice the difference for yourself

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