I was well on my way to the peak of the mountain when something happened that forced me to stop!

I’ll tell you in a minute what made me stop climbing the wrong mountain

It was back in November 2017…
I even remember the exact month and year!

At the time was focused on my career as a COO
I wasn’t thinking about any of the things I’m passionate about now like spirituality, contribution to the world and sisterhood!

I was a VERY different person.

I was 29.
I had a great career BUT

I didn’t have any close friends!

In fact, I had just “lost” friends I really loved…and to top that
my partner started to become distant with me almost out of the blue.

I just couldn’t believe how my life had changed SO much almost instantly.
Not in the direction I wanted. 

A relationship of 2 years and friendships I had dedicated love, care and time to were falling apart

Betrayed and abandoned



I was in such emotional pain that it was hurting me physically

My stomach felt constantly uneasy

I lost appetite

My neck was stiff

My hands were hurting like crazy

When I checked the spiritual symptoms of these physical pains they turned out to be related to ANGER!

That was a scary discovery but also liberating!

Have you ever felt the numbness that comes with feeling like a victim?

And what about the flow of energy that brings you back to life when you become really angry?

Haha yup!
You know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

Being so angry at them led me to promise myself to do EVERYTHING in my power to never have to feel this way ever again!

That’s when I wrote my 1st life vision and relationship statements.

I wanted to reflect on what I actually wanted in my life.
Because until then I didn’t really know…I had let life happened to me but now

I wasn’t in my early 20s anymore!
I really felt like I didn’t have any more time to lose! 

I needed to start building my life on PURPOSE.

That’s when I stopped climbing the mountain
took a seat and 
started to look at the horizon

Instead of looking at the well beaten path in front of me
I started to look around and afar!

During my emotional turbulences, taking some time off in California to reflect

Dreaming about what I truly wanted
for my life
at work
with my friends
my family
my partner…

For the FIRST time I was able to see further away than just a year.

I felt in control! 
I figured out what my next steps to make my Vision happen

Then I got up and started to climb the mountain again…

But this time it was different!
I wasn’t just climbing to follow the pack.

I was moving forward with my goals in mind
looking for opportunities to get even closer to them. 

And oh man…
what opportunities came my way!

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