The more I get in touch with my own feelings and emotions the more I can relate to others. 

I can understand that we all go through something in life. 

We all have that voice in our heard

We all have those emotions that come up and make us react unconsciously

We all have stories playing in our head that hurt us

The more I can see how those things are part of my own human experience the easier it is to forgive.
Forgive others

But also mainly forgive myself 

The more I am in tune with my own pain, the more I want to make sure I am not adding up to anyone else’s suffering

The more I feel the less it hurts

I wasn’t always like that. 

I remember a time in my life where I was afraid of being “emotionally broken”. 

I couldn’t understand why I would shut down and stop feeling when my partner would come closer to me and want more of me. 

I felt like running away as fast as I could. 

And I have broken my own heart doing just that. 

Not just with lovers but with friends. 

I have ended relationships early. 

Because deep down I was afraid to expose my heart and FEEL.

I met along the way a lover that was able to crack through some of that wall. 

I came across a friend that felt like home, a safe place for me to FEEL all the feels. 

But I know this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t make the decision to stay when I felt like running. 

To speak when I felt like shutting down. 

To shut up when I felt like lashing out. 

To pause when I felt like destroying.

Now that I can feel, life has become such a magical experience. 

Before I was living in black & white, now I’m in a f*cking rainbow 😉

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