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Self-Managing Team

How to Lead An Online Team Without Micromanaging and Getting Things Done RIGHT

Self-Managing Company

How to find the perfect Work/Life balance when you're the CEO of the company

Heightened Performance

How to LEVERAGE your productivity so that you REALLY work less while making more impact and feeling more relaxed

Online Business

V.S. Regular business

why the difference matters.

(French Version)

Work / Life Balance

as a COO and CEO

it's possible.


Check what they have to say about Annick

Barbara Schindler

COO | Executive Coach & Consultant at Leading Edge Teams

Annick is a master of teaching others from her learned experience - she have a style that empowers others.

I am noticing that she is developing a unique teaching style, that has a great element of coaching & empowering others to relate the information to how it might apply to them in their own personal experience - and she does this while presenting the teaching. 

It seems a supportive style for others to apply the learning for best use in their lives. 

When she has shared teaching at KBL MasterMind she has demonstrated clarity & confidence when sharing from her "learned experience"; meaning she has read, researched, experimented and now teach from her own experience/ results - and she is courageous in sharing that she is continuing to learn more while teaching what she has learned so far.

Another positive in her style is that she is willing to take risk with her audience to share "new ideas and concepts" - one's that she has tried on and believe are valuable for her audience.

She is a student of life, courageous seeker - she is intelligent and smartly check things out (read, research, explore) and she is able to then structure in a way that she can share with others.

When she present in her unique style, she "ask questions" to her audience so they integrate easily the information she is sharing to how it might apply to them; this is what I mean re: coaching & empowering others to relate to info.

I can count on her to have thought through her perspective when sharing ideas or info with me.

She strives to live authentically and offer safety & space for others to do the same.

One of her unique abilities is to listen.

Since I have met her I find her incredibly easy to talk to - when she listens she allows others to feel comfortable to share safely and without judgement.

Part of her listening skills allows her to absorb, and articulate back what she heard and then offer kind feedback. 

I also think one of her unique abilities is to be calm in a storm but I’m guessing that versus really knowing that 😉 because she really appears to have work life balance under control and I think the later allows her to be excellent at what she does. 

Lynda Orton-Hill

Operations & Recruitment at Say Yes Dog Training

Always listening to others, she knows how to ask the right questions to get to the root of the problem. 

Creative, she is also thinking of others and on how to help them.

She is grounded and know how to get to completion of her ideas. She is always in action. 

She allows others to feel safe in her presence which encourages them to open up to her. 

Marc Murcia


She is very articulate with her words, have a strong sense of big picture thinking and the value of self care.

Her energy is calm and safe.

When she share her opinion about things people pay attention because her thoughts carry wisdom.

Deb Winters


My first thoughts about her is how grounded, peaceful and wise she is.

I feel her wisdom is deeper than her years on earth.

She has a unique sense of awareness about others and is able to see past the 'seen' to get to the deeper truths about a situation or person.

Denise Beins

Co-Founder of Global visibility

She provides inspiration to other through how she lives her life.

Christine Davis | Chief Of Staff at Bright Line Eating Solutions

When thinking about her, I think that she is both intellectually and emotionally intelligent.

She is a good listener in that she hears what a person says, reflects it back to be sure that she understood what they said, and then is able to pull from her vast knowledge-base to offer insight. That's such an amazing gift.

She is adventurous.

She is open to new ideas.

She is open to feedback.

She is insightful.

To me, she is very Zen-like. She is humble.

She has an amazing thirst for knowledge. 

She gives great advice.


She has candor--not an easy trait to have, in my opinion.

She provides inspiration to others through how she lives her life. 

She searches for meaning in this world.

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