Meet Annick

Summer 2011, freshly graduated from HEC Montreal, a top business schools in Canada, she started to work as an Operations Manager in a company that has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal.

Her very first job and she already had a dozen of people to supervise, as well as a national sales team to coordinate with the company’s processes and systems!

She couldn’t dream of a better way to learn and grow professionally!

After 2 years and a deep craving for more freedom and flexibility...

She decided to quit her job.

Despite all the benefits of this “golden cage”, working a minimum of 10h a day with only 10 days vacation a year really was not for her...

She could not see herself live this way.

This is how she started her Freedom journey 🙂

A month after resigning, she started to work as a freelancer, from her home office in Toronto, for one of the top web marketing company in France.

She started at the bottom with an executive assistant position but 6 months later she moved to a manager position and less than a year later she was offered the position of Chief Operating Officer!

The best part?

Within the 1st year:

  • She was earning 55% more than when she was working as an Operations Manager
  • Working 20h less each week
  • With 6 weeks vacation
  •  And the freedom and flexibility of working when and where she wanted !

In just 4 years working there,

here are some of the accomplishments

she is proud of:


She have organized live events in Paris for over 1000 entrepreneurs


She have totally reshaped the financial processes of the company. Once she started to look after its Financials, its profit has had an increase of 35 614% from 2015 to 2018. NO JOKES.


he have published a weekly motivational newsletter sent to over 700 customers


he have allowed the CEO to work only ONE day per week while she managed his company and team

Some nice memories below 🙂

She is also passionate about giving back

Be Inspiring

Change Lives Forever.