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Annick’s Values

This the Code of Conduct that guides all her decisions: 

  1. GROWTH: always thrive to learn more. She has an open mind and embrace change and the opportunity to become better version of herself.
  1. TRUTH: always speak the truth, with kindness but nonetheless. She understands that only being herself and saying what she thinks and feels will create authentic and fulfilling relationships.
  1. COURAGE: do not afraid of taking a step forward and going first. She is a leader that take initiative and responsibility for herself and her mission. She stays grounded in herself and doesn’t act as a “people-pleaser” just to be “perceived” a certain way. She stays true to herself and her mission at all times and doesn’t compromise. 
  1. LOVE: always act out of love - for the highest good of all. Not for selfish and egoistic reasons. She understands that her mission and the end goal is the most important. Sh always finds the best outcome possible in each situation and she always wishes others well. Team work over competition.
  2. ALL-IN: give 100% of herself to the mission and it translates into everything she does. She doesn’t do things half-way or “just do get it done”. Whatever she undertakes, she gives her full attention, effort and energy. 

Her Operating Principles

They guide her actions in all her endeavours:

(check her Collection of recommended Books to find out more on these techniques)

The Goal: clear objectives

  • She has a clear written Vision & Mission
  • She uses Quarterly Strategic Plans outlining the SMART goals that will allow her to fulfill herVision & Mission
  • She communicates CLEARLY and EFFECTIVELY using the ARC method:
    • A = Ask
    • R = Reason
    • C = Context

Work The System: SIMPLE, EFFICIENT & TRANSPARENT systems to execute the actions necessary to reach her objectives

  • Each Quarterly Objective is set up as a project in her project management system
  • Each project has clear tasks with deadlines 
  • The execution is done during Sprints 
  • Each repetitive action is documented in an SOP as well as automated if possible

The One Thing: work effectively by identifying the 20% of actions that will allow her to reach 80% of herdesired result

She always asks herself the following question before taking action:

“What’s the one thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

What is Measured Can be Improved: systematically track and review her performance in order to improve

  • She tracks her performance to resolve "bottlenecks" and increase her productivity (do LESS with MORE impact)
  • She monitors the progress towards her SMART goals