January 10

Cold Showers…Should You Really?


Cold Showers…Should You Really?

I have been taking cold showers for over 6 months now. 

I started doing them because I kept hearing from successful people how that was a success habit…

I could hardly understand why…

Especially because I loved my showers super warm! 

But I decided to give them a try. 

And I discovered 2 things unexpected that they do not mention when recommending this habit. 

So first yes they are right when it comes to giving you mental clarity. 

When you take a cold shower, your mind instantly clears out and gets energized. 

It’s like a fog has been lifted.
After a cold shower, you’re ready to tackle anything!

And yes most likely it’s good for your health, but I haven’t been tracking that part so I’m not going to be talking about it. 

The 2 things I discovered though

1) Cold showers make you happy!

There is no way you can stay in a bad mood when you take a cold shower. Your body feels so alive and you feel so energized!

Take a cold shower anytime you need an emotional boost, it works 😉

2) Cold showers make you strong mentally!

They build your willpower a couple of minutes each day.


Because you train yourself not to listen to your mind and body telling you NOT to get under the cold shower.

You basically train yourself to do it anyway because you have DECIDED to.

That’s powerful.

Can you imagine how many more things you can do overtime with a super strong willpower? 

Try them. 

You don’t have to stay long. Just 30s at first is enough. 

Overtime your body will get used to it and you’ll be able to increase the time.

And even really get to enjoy them!
That’s how powerful your mind is 😉

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Annick Magbi

About the author

Annick has over 8 years of direct Leadership experience and 6 of them as the COO of a top web-marketing company in France. 

She is accustomed to the whole "backstage" of an online business as well as running a web-marketing remote team.  

Over $100k have been invested in her refining her skills and knowledge in the following areas: Business management, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Leadership. 

She is also a member of the Titans Xcelerator MasterMind - specialized in Direct Response Marketing. 

Annick Magbi

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