January 10

Conquer Fear In Business


Conquer Fear In Business

What did you do the first time you learned how to swim?

Did you jump right away in the big pool? 

Most likely no. 

First you started in the kids pool, where there is no risk of drowning. 

You practice the right movements there until you feel comfortable.

Then you move on to the swimmers pool.

The first few times you might put on a swim vest.

The only use of the swim vest is to calm your mind so that fear doesn’t paralyze you.  

Once you’re comfortable in your new environment, no need for it anymore.

You start swimming freely, moving unrestricted and even experimenting new types of swimming techniques. 

That’s the same thing when doing business. 

Start in a small risk-free pool at first, practice there. 

Then go a bigger pool where you start by focusing on a small niche. 

Once you’re comfortable there, you can start exploring and expanding.

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Annick Magbi

About the author

Annick has over 8 years of direct Leadership experience and 6 of them as the COO of a top web-marketing company in France. 

She is accustomed to the whole "backstage" of an online business as well as running a web-marketing remote team.  

Over $100k have been invested in her refining her skills and knowledge in the following areas: Business management, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Leadership. 

She is also a member of the Titans Xcelerator MasterMind - specialized in Direct Response Marketing. 

Annick Magbi

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