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Ep1: The day I started to climb my mountain

In July 2019, a week or so after my 31st birthday

I took a big leap and ended my management consulting contract with the company I had been working with for 6 years

I had no plan B. 

Just a deep knowing within me that it was time to go. 

Just writing about it makes me emotional…

because you know this company, its CEO and the team were such a big part of my life. 
I loved (and still love) them and I loved the mission of the company. 

The Free Entrepreneur Movement Team

But still I couldn’t ignore the feeling and the signs I kept receiving.

I had already had that same feeling happened to me once before so I knew what it meant.

It  was 6 years ago when I left my first job without anything lined up.
I was 25 and again I had a great position and salary, especially for my age.

At that time it also was a leap of faith. 
And it turned out amazing, bringing me more than I could ever have thought possible. 
Opening myself to a different world and way of working and being!

Now here I was again at 31 about to take another leap…but this time the jump felt even scarier. 

It felt scarier because I was deeply afraid of losing all that I had built for so many years…
…my career, my expertise, my money, my comfort, my reputation, the connections I created all those years, and my special relationship with the CEO…

That last piece was a big one for me…you see, he was a mentor to me and even more so than that he was like the big brother I always dreamt of. 

I tried to push back the feeling and the thoughts.
I rationalized, telling myself it would go away. 

I had everything to be happy. 

Why would I do that to myself?
Why would I turn my back on that? 

But the thing is that I had started to remember…
I had started to remember that I had a dream once. 

A dream to have my own company and help transform people. 
Not just help them in getting more “things” and “achievement” but in bringing more happiness into their life. 

Back then I was 25 and I had just started my quest of what Happiness meant to me.
And since you can’t share what you don’t have yet, I put my project on the back burner.

And I forgot it for almost 6 years. 

The entrepreneurs I was working and meeting with would ask me why I didn’t have my own side business.
After all I was a contractor and working with a company which mission is to create millions of Free Entrepreneurs and I knew all the backstage of building and managing a company. 

So how come I didn’t have any entrepreneurial activity myself like some other members of the team? 

I would reply to them that it’s not that I didn’t want to but I hadn’t found something I felt so deeply passionate about that I would create a business around it.

I already knew that one essential key to a successful business is the mission it’s pursuing.
If you do it just for the money it won’t be successful long term and not fulfilling on a personal level. 

I also told them like I felt I was meant to dedicate myself to the company I was working with.
I loved what I was doing, what I was learning, the responsibilities, the intellectual stimulation, the challenges, the environment, the mindset, the team, the transformation we were offering. 

I felt like I belonged and was at the right place.

And it was true. 
I was at the right place, with the right people at the right time. 

Until it wasn’t true anymore…

It was no one’s fault. 
I still loved them, I still had an amazing work situation. 

It actually got even better because I had just re-negotiated my contract and was getting even more money. 

But I had remembered.
And this time there was no way I couldn’t forget.
I had remembered that I promised myself that once I had found my passion, I was going to dedicate myself entirely to it.

At first I tried to do it within the company, and it worked for a while. 
But soon I felt restricted.
It wasn’t my company, and there were still guidelines, processes and ways to create content that I felt were slowing me down and not allowing me to explore and find my own voice. 

So I took the leap.
I jumped into the unknown.

The voice in my head kept telling me I was crazy.
And let me tell you that I wondered for a while if indeed I was crazy. 
Because when I used my rational mind, I just couldn’t believe I was doing this. 

Why couldn’t I just get satisfied with such a great situation?
One that so many people would only dream of.
I was happy after all…

And I had the moneythe time, the responsibilities, the business trips, the team, the money invested by the CEO on my professional development, the access to an inspiring community of successful entrepreneurs and high level senior management…

So why did I do it? 
Because I wasn’t as happy as I knew I could. 

I knew what being happy was for me. It was living fully a life of purpose. 
And my purpose is to share with others what I found being the key to my happiness (and so many others) and how to get there. 

I didn’t just wake up one day and I understood that living purposely and actively contributing to the maximum of my ability was what made me happy. 

It took me 7 years of active personal and professional development!

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by all type of entrepreneurs, very successful ones but also people just getting started on their entrepreneurial journey.

Spending time next to them and being part of their world, I realized that they all had that deep burning desire of sharing their gifts with the world. What they knew would improve others’ life. 

And they were willing to go through any obstacles and challenges for that.
I admired their courage.

I saw that the difference between those that made it through and those that dropped out was not the intelligence, not the business strategies, not the money, not the team. 

It was their mindset, their willingness to keep going until they reached their peak.
And once they were at their peak, they kept going higher. 

And they loved it!
Every minute of it. 

They inspired me. 
They reminded me that I too had something to share that was uniquely me. 

And I was also lucky enough to be working with a CEO that gave me the space and opportunity to express and share with the customers and the team. 

He gave me the space and inspiration to open my eyes to myself.
To what I could contribute. 

How did he do that? 
He didn’t hold my hand.
He didn’t micro-managed me, he didn’t told me what to do and gave me all the answers.
He let me figured it out by myself while providing me with the resources and support I needed to make good choices.
He gave me honest feedback so I could adjust and improve every single time.

I also started to read spiritual books and went deeper into myself. 
Reflecting on what this life, MY life was meant to be.

Wondering if getting attached to all that I had accumulated and achieved was enough.
Wondering if starting anew was worth it. 

The answer I got?
You’ll never know if you don’t try it.

And if you try it and fail, what’s the worse that can happen?
Are you going to die from it? 
Can you find a solution if things don’t turn out the way you hoped?

The answer was obvious…of course I wouldn’t die from it.
And of course I could always find a solution. 
If money became an issue, I could always find again a “job”. 

And then the question that really got me was…
What would happen if you don’t try?

I would always wonder what could have happened.
Who could have I become? 
Who could I have helped?
What difference could I have made?
I would also know I didn’t do it, the only reason would have been that I was too afraid. 

Knowing that felt worse than not trying.
That’s how I decided that it was time for me to start climbing my mountain.