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Ep3: It all makes sense in hindsight 🙏

Nw you know the whole truth!

I got scared the first time I saw my mountain and ended up turning my back on it….
Instead I found myself joining another “climbing team”.

You’ve guessed it…that’s when I joined the French web marketing team! 😉

Reflecting on my 6 years with them, it has been such a blessing!

Without realizing it I was learning all the “climbing” skills I would need right now. 

From organizing live events in Paris for 1000 entrepreneurs
to implementing new project management systems
to coordinating the creation of online courses
to leading a team and getting each department organized & performing
to managing the financials
to writing a weekly newsletter for over 700 clients
to defining the strategy of the company and implementing it
…and so much more!

That’s the beauty of being part of an entrepreneurial company rather than a big corporate…you really get to see it all, learning and mastering several skills at once!

During my 6 years climbing this French CEO’s personal mountain (aka his soul mission), I really took charge of my professional development to fine-tune the skills I needed to manage this 7-figure business and be the leading force the team needed to execute its mission.

Thanks to the CEO being a huge believer in continuous learning, I was able to join high-ticket MasterMind groups in the US and get all the books and online trainings I needed to keep leveling up. 

I am so grateful to him because he invested over $100K in my professional development!
And it was well worth it for him since I increased of 35 614% his company profit AND allowed him to work only 1 day a week.

Sharing my Skills during a Key Business Leader MasterMind live event in Los Angeles

So yes, I was not climbing my mountain during these 6 years but it was all divinely orchestrated! 

Little did I know then that I was getting “trained” at the best “climbing” school I could have wished for…

I got to be surrounded by famous, successful international coaches, consultants, marketing & sales experts and serial entrepreneurs.

It was incredible!

They’ve expanded and stretched my mind regarding what was possible in ways I had never experienced before. 

You see, I was working for a company whose mission is to create millions of french speaking Free Entrepreneurs so showing entrepreneurs how they could build a successful business by creating the most positive impact while working less and live their life fully.

So obviously this mission rubbed on me!
And I could experience first hand the transformation in my personal life. 

That’s when I got started on my Financial Freedom journey, reading and researching the best ways to build my net worth – increasing it of 590.73% in less than 5 years.

Since I was working a maximum of 20h per week and had 6 weeks of “paid vacation”, which sounds impossible for most senior level executives managing a business & leading a team, I got interested in how to work less while having the most impact.

My research on how to become the most efficient in the least amount of time led me to learn how to best leverage my brain power through food, rest, play and spirituality

I also learned leadership skills so that I could best coach my team.
You might know how hard it can be to “motivate” another person in day-to-day life…
Imagine when it’s a team of several individuals, each with their own personality, that need to work together on projects and reach goals in a business setting!

You gotta be able to speak to their heart & soul by creating a caring and supportive environment while still remaining focused on the company goals and holding them accountable for their performance…

It’s truly a balancing act! 

I could go on and on about what I’ve learned but that’s not really the point of my message.

The point is that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and it was truly a blessing for me to have spent 6 years learning how to best “climb a mountain” 😉

Yes I could still have kept going and try to climb my own personal mountain from the start but it would most likely had been lots of hustle, grinding, sweat and blood…

That’s the same for you!
Whatever your mountain is and whether of not you’re climbing it right now, you’re always divinely guided. 

Nothing happens by chance.
What you are doing now is preparing you for the next step of your journey. 

When you finally feel ready, it will all make sense in hindsight. 

So make sure to stay present in all that you do and most importantly push yourself to learn as much as possible where you are now. 

It will all come in handy later, I promise!