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Ep5: I had never felt this way before… 🙈

I had just started to climb again.
This time I was all alone.

No partner.
No friends. 

But I had a VISION of what I wanted my life to be. 
That gave me the strength to get up and keep moving forward. 

My FIRST action step was to regain control of my inner state.
I had to understand what was going on within me
Why I was hurting so much
How I could reach a state of INNER PEACE

I started to read as many spiritual books as I could.

I even bought 2 online trainings!
The Power of Presence from Eckhart Tolle
and Living From A Place of Surrender from Michael Singer

Day by day I would apply what what I was learning
Create new habits, practice and keep track of them

I was in “training” mode like an athlete preparing herself for the championship of her life!

4 months passed.
I was feeling much better emotionally.

I was able to wake up each morning without my first thought HITTING me with the absence of my ex and my “so-called” friends.

I was able to go through the days without having to constantly “fight” the voice in my head.

I could breathe normally again.

My appetite was coming back.

I knew it was time to go to the NEXT step in my Vision.
Find MY people

At this point, I didn’t want to reach out to past friends and acquaintances.
They were not people I really connected with. 

I realized I wasn’t going to find my tribe in a club or partying
because these were NEVER my interests.

If I wanted to find people like me
I needed to do activities that were TRUE to me!

Back then I was super into spirituality.
I wanted to dive deeper into it and have meaningful conversations about it. 

So I googled “women sisterhood spirituality toronto”. 

That’s how I came across Kassandra’s women circle!
It turns out she was hosting it 10min away from my house.

Talk about synchronicities 😉

I had never done something like this before…

Joining a group of spiritual people.
Especially ALL women!

But I wanted to try. 
And so I did and went to the next circle.

I instantly felt at home and so light after the 1st circle
I kept going to each single one of them

Kassandra and I started to talk and doing activities outside of the circle.

Within 2 months of knowing each other, she came to my house one day after work. 

That day was a TURNING POINT. 

We were talking when I said to her out of the blue
 “Let’s host a retreat!”

She said yes right away.
This was something she’s been wanting to do for sometime.

The next morning we were already putting it together.
Without much effort, we were hosting our 1st women retreat 2 months later! 

It was SO easy.
It FELT so good. 

The connection & love I experienced with the women during the retreat were so INTENSE.

At first I didn’t truly recognize what was happening. 
I had never felt that way before 
so I didn’t know Iwas on to something REALLY important to my soul

What do you think happened to me?
Have you ever felt that way before working with other people? 

I’ll tell you more about how that experience completely changed the course of my life in the episode.