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Ep6: Back To Square 0?! Or…

Co-hosting the retreat with Kassandra in 2018 changed the course of my life.

I didn’t know it at the time but I “fell in love” with my soul mission…

Because it was the first time I ever felt that way, I didn’t recognize what was happening
So I got sidetracked!
Big time.

At the retreat, I met a woman and we got closer for a short period of time.
I became so focused on the potential of that relationship that I spiraled back down into painful emotions.

I felt like I was back to square 0.
1 year of intense spiritual work down the drain…
I couldn’t believe I was feeling the same pain

That led me to really ask myself uncomfortable questions.

Why does it hurt so much?
Would you really be happy if you were with her?
Were you perfectly happy in your previous relationships?
What do YOU need to be happy?

Facing the pain by answering these questions is what made me realize that there was something I had buried inside of me and not paying attention to.

Do you want to know what it is?

I had lost my dreams!

I am not talking about goals like more money, a career, a family and kids, owning a house and things like that.
These were exactly what I was already keeping track of.

But my dreams were not about what I could get more of.
They were about what I could GIVE more of!

What made me truly happy and fulfilled?

What got me excited to wake up in the morning?

What could I not wait to do?

What inspires me?

What passionates me?

Honestly at first I couldn’t answer.
I didn’t know.
I had always thought before I was not part of the people that have a passion.

But I decided to keep trying until I knew.
It took me 8 months and a solo trip in Bali to finally feel the answer.

At the top of the active volcano Mount Batur to watch the sunrise

Yes – FEEL.

Let me explain.

I started to pay attention on how I was feeling
when doing certain things in my personal life and at work
when interacting with the people around me

That’s how I started to notice
what got me excited and energized
and what was draining me and bringing me down.

I then found a way to cut down on what did not make me feel good so I could spend more time on what did!

Little by little, I started to feel happier, lighter, more inspired, excited to wake up
because it meant doing more of the things I love.

It didn’t matter as much the outcome – “what’s in it for me” – anymore.
I was enjoying the process!
People around me at work started to notice and got inspired as well.

Then one day, I woke up and FELT it was time for me to go ALL IN.
I wanted to ONLY do what I love. Every day.

So I ended my contract as a Management Consultant.
I had NO idea what to do next!

It took me a month of doing nothing…
standing still, meditating and resting to finally feel inspired to take action.

That’s how I started building with Kassandra The OG Sisterhood as well as growing my own Consulting business.

It’s been 7 months now since I made that big LEAP.
And I am loving it!

Everyday I feel so grateful I get to do what I love.
To dive deeper into what makes my heart sings.
To meet and work with people that inspire me and are on the same path as I am.
To witness the expression of my soul materialize.

So yes, I want to tell you that it’s possible to find your soul mission.

You gotta keep asking yourself the right questions and be really honest answering them.

Pay attention to how you feel on the daily
Focus on what makes you happy and vibrant.
What makes you feel ALIVE?

Do more of that! One step at a time
Then one day you’ll wake up realizing that you are living your dream! 😉

That was the last Episode of my journey.
Now you know the short version of my personal Story 😉

I hope these episodes allowed you to reflect on your own path and appreciate the road travelled so far as well as the direction you’re choosing to move towards to. 

If you have to remember one thing though:
Always go where the love is!