June 18

No Ragrets.

No Ragrets.

A quick update for you as I have BIG NEWS to share 🙂 

1) I incorporated my business a couple of week ago! After so many years being self-employed I finally signed the papers and made it OFFICIAL heheh

2) I’m leaving Canada for a 1-year travel! 

Nowwww I’m sure you’re thinking…damn crazy girl. 
Well…maybe you’re right!

But in this video I explain to you why all this craziness.

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Annick Magbi

About the author

Annick has over 8 years of direct Leadership experience and 6 of them as the COO of a top web-marketing company in France. 

She is accustomed to the whole "backstage" of an online business as well as running a web-marketing remote team.  

Over $100k have been invested in her refining her skills and knowledge in the following areas: Business management, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Leadership. 

She is also a member of the Titans Xcelerator MasterMind - specialized in Direct Response Marketing. 

Annick Magbi

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