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Private Consulting

Who Are Her Consulting Clients? 

They are entrepreneurs that are already making a difference in their market.

They believe in always finding ways to improve what they offer and reach higher levels of transformation for their own audience

They are focused on contributing as much as they can because they know they have valuable information that their audience need to reach their goals

They know they can do more, better and faster when they join forces with skilled professionals that have the same mindset and willingness to make a change

They are not afraid to lead the way by going first and inspiring others to do the same through sharing honestly their own experience

And most of all they are independent thinkers that live their lives the way they choose to and believe in helping others do the same

What Does She Wants For Her Private Clients ?

Her Vision is to provide Mission-Based Entrepreneurs with the marketing strategies and business tools that will MULTIPLY their Results both financially as well as for their clients while expanding the least effort.

What Does She Provide For Her clients ?

Her Mission is to bring them Clarity on what actions matter the most so that they can experience the ripple effect of their focus quickly and witness the progress they’re making on their goals

Her work is anchored around these 3 areas:

  • STRATEGY: Marketing Strategies
  • EXECUTION: Business Tools & Systems
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Teamwork & Strategic Partnerships

Her Proven Process

Her Private Consulting is a Done-With-You Process - not a DONE FOR YOU but not a DYI either.
For her it is all about TRANSFERING to her clients the RIGHT strategies & tools so that they remain IN CONTROL of your LEGACY.

  • PHASE 1: Identify Your Tribe
  • PHASE 2: Attract Your Tribe
  • PHASE 3: Leverage Your Tribe
  • PHASE 4: Grow Your Tribe

When Does It Make Sense To Work Together?

She can help you if these minimum conditions are part of your reality:

  • You already have an established business that you're passionate about and that you live from
  • You have a mailing list of at least 5000 emails of active clients & prospects
  • You have provided REAL positive transformation to your community
  • You have reached a peak in your business growth and you are ready to reach the next level
  • You are familiar with web marketing and digital technologies
  • You have at least 2 FULL TIME team members working with you and that takes care of the operational and technical tasks of your business


Sébastien Night

CEO of Le Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Libres


Phalakone Mysay

CEO of Réussir Au Canada 


Léonie Tchatat
CEO of La Passerelle IDÉ