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What’s your Unique Ability?


What’s your Unique Ability?

What is the meaning of your life?
We all ask ourselves this question more than once.

We know deep down our life is meant for much more than
finding a life partner
having kids
working to get paid then back home to sleep
going on vacation and having a bit of fun during the weekend…

Rinse & Repeat until our last day!

The best answer I found to this existential question is this quote:

The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

– David Viscott

We are all here for a reason.

The thing is that it gets REALLY complicated to find out exactly what makes us unique when we have been raised to “fit in”!

We have been told to just do like everyone else.

Most of our lives, we have been judging ourselves based on what others have accomplished and how we perceive them.

Even if it’s at the cost of our own happiness and desires!

During my time as a COO, I was lucky enough to be exposed to many internationally known entrepreneurs.

3 MAIN things struck me:

  1. They clearly were not perfect human beings
  2. They all had their own personality, they owned their “uniqueness”
  3. They were only focusing on using their “gifts”, not on doing “work”. 

I started to pay close attention to what they were saying when talking about “doing work” and how they were spending their time.

I noticed that a lot of them kept mentioning Dan Sullivan, a renowned business coach for entrepreneurs and the founder of Strategic Coach.Dan “invented” the term Unique Ability and created with his team a process to help entrepreneurs discover their “Gift”

Like most experts that are passionate about their mission, Dan Sullivan and his team made sure to publish a book that walk you through the whole process
It comes with a notebook so that you can do each step of the Unique Ability process.

When I completed the exercices back in July 2019, I discovered that I was spending: 

  • 20% of my time in my Unique Ability at work
  • 65% of my time in my Unique Ability in my personal life

That was not too bad…
20% was more than a lot of high level executives I knew

But now that I had the list of activities I didn’t truly enjoy in front of my eyes, I couldn’t ignore the fact that it was in my power to do something about it.

At work, a lot of my time was still consumed by activities I was REALLY good at but that weren’t my Unique Ability

They came with the COO role…

My available choice became crystal clear!
I had to leave the position all together if I wanted to free myself from these activities.

Which I did! 

Why take such a radical decision though? 

Because that’s the choice the successful entrepreneurs I was surrounded with were making every day. 

The KEY to their success is simple:
They spend most of their time in their Unique Ability

You know the saying: 

To get something you’ve never had you need to do something you’ve never done

I kept thinking if they can do it when they’re not even super human beings…

…then why not me?! 

I figured life was about living fully. 
I didn’t want to have the feeling of being stuck on a “repeat button”…

I was eager to keep exploring all that I could do!
Push myself to new heights of growth & contribution

Now not everyone can just “leave” like I did.

But anyone CAN make incremental changes – one step at a time! 

To be honest, that’s what I did before getting my hands on this book 😉

I was already designing how I was spending my time at work and at home
that’s why my % of time spent in my Unique Ability were already pretty good!

I encourage you to start where you are. 

Commit to identifying what you truly love doing
Then take daily steps towards doing more of that 😉

You can get the book & notebook here: 

Unique Ability 2.0 Discovery: Define Your Best Self
by Catherine Nomura, Julia Waller and Shannon Waller

If you want to listen to Dan Sullivan explaining the concept of the Unique Ability, click here to watch this short video on Youtube: Unique Ability®: Simplify Your Time, Effort, And Teamwork

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Annick Magbi

About the author

Annick has over 8 years of direct Leadership experience and 6 of them as the COO of a top web-marketing company in France. 

She is accustomed to the whole "backstage" of an online business as well as running a web-marketing remote team.  

Over $100k have been invested in her refining her skills and knowledge in the following areas: Business management, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Leadership. 

She is also a member of the Titans Xcelerator MasterMind - specialized in Direct Response Marketing. 

Annick Magbi

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