January 20

What Is Gratitude?


What Is Gratitude?

To me gratitude is a shift in perspective

It is recognizing that in life there is always 2 ways to look at anything

And it is owning the fact that I get to choose how I perceive any situation

I am the master of my fate

Either I can see how everything is helping me to move towards what I desire

Or I can give away my power and pretend that life just happens to me

Gratitude is being thankful for what happens because I can see how I can learn and improve

It is loving each moment without judging them as good or bad

When I am grateful I am standing in my full power, I know I get to choose how I want to live my life

And I am confident I can seize the opportunities presented to me to do so

That is why, whatever happens, I make sure to say Thank You

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Annick Magbi

About the author

Annick has over 8 years of direct Leadership experience and 6 of them as the COO of a top web-marketing company in France. 

She is accustomed to the whole "backstage" of an online business as well as running a web-marketing remote team.  

Over $100k have been invested in her refining her skills and knowledge in the following areas: Business management, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Leadership. 

She is also a member of the Titans Xcelerator MasterMind - specialized in Direct Response Marketing. 

Annick Magbi

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